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  • Test federation

    The test federation provides a convenient framework to easily test a software component. The requirements to register a SAML entity are deliberately relaxed, and do not require any administrative registration with RENATER. As a consequence, anyone can register anything in this federation, and it should never be used for production services.

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  • Fédération Education-Recherche

    The Fédération Education-Recherche is a production environment governed by a technical framework. Before registering your SAML entity, you must ensure that it complies with the rules and recommendations set out in this document. In particular, shall not be included in this federation:

    • service or identity providers not dedicated to a production usage;
    • service providers with a local scope only and that are not intended to be accessible from outside the borders of the organism/institution.

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  • eduGAIN

    eduGAIN interfederation, run by GEANT, allows interconnexion of SAML entities related to the Education & Research sector in different countries.

    IdPs from Fédération Education-Recherche are added to eduGAIN by default. SPs from Fédération Education-Recherche may join eduGAIN through this registry.

    eduGAIN presentation (in French): https://services.renater.fr/federation/documentation/generale/presentation-edugain

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  • Qualification federation

    The qualification federation allows to validate or demonstrate the behaviour of a SAML entity in conditions close to those of the production federation, the Education/Research Federation, without polluting this last one with services irrelevant to all its members. The registering conditions are the same, including the impossibility to be registred simultaneously in the test federation.

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